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Battle Name : Assist Convoy Under Attack
Battle Location : Mennaalii System, near Nav Buoy Astro 336 and Nav Buoy Astro 337
Battle Occurred : After the Battle of Yavin
Battle Type : Defence (For the Rebels)
Force Making Attack : Pirates
Opposing Forces : Pirates / Rebel Alliance / Galactic Empire
Victorious Force : Rebel Alliance
Imperial Personnel : Unknown
Imperial Force Composition : ISD Darkstar, 3 TIE Fighters, 3 TIE Interceptors and 6 Assault Gunboats
Pirate Personnel : Unknown
Pirate Force Composition : Nebulon-B Frigate Scorpion, 4 X-Wings (Have Proton Torpedoes), 3 Y-Wings (Have Proton Torpedoes), 4 A-Wings (Have Concussion Missiles) and Stormtrooper Transports Transpo 1 and 2 (Have Proton Torpedoes)
Rebel Personnel : Unknown
Rebel Force Composition : CR90 Corellian Corvettes Qiluiy 1 (No Cargo), 2 and 3 (Troops), BFF-1 Freighters Xroi 1 (No Cargo) and 2 (Weapons), Red Squadron (3 X-Wings, have 6 Proton Torpedoes), Gold Squadron (2 Y-Wings, have Proton Torpedoes) and Blue Squadron (1 A-Wing)
Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome
Imperial Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : ISD Darkstar, 3 TIE Fighters, 3 TIE Interceptors and 3 Assault Gunboats
Imperial Loses : 3 Assault Gunboats
Pirate Survivors : None
Surviving Forces : None
Pirate Loses : Entire Force
Rebel Survivors : Unknown
Surviving Forces : CR90 Corellian Corvettes Qiluiy 1-3, BFF-1 Freighters Xroi 1 and 2, Red Squadron, Gold Squadron and Blue Squadron
Rebel Loses : Blue Squadron and 1 loss to Gold Squadron

    The Rebels had a troop convoy passing through the Mennaalii System. When the Rebel convoy dropped out of hyperspace to avoid an asteroid field, it was ambushed and fell under the guns of Pirates. With the Rebel convoy under attack, the Rebels deployed their fighters to save their fellow Rebels. The Pirates were equipped with Rebel starfighters, this was most likely due to them stealing them from the Rebels previously. When the Rebels came out of hyperspace the Pirates' Y-Wings were attacking the Rebel BFF-1 Freighters. They were the first target on the Rebels' list. The X-Wings were able to engage the Pirate Y-Wings before their constant barrage of proton torpedoes and laser fire would destroy the freighters.

    Soon after the Pirate Y-Wings were destroyed. However it came at the cost of Blue Squadron, which was destroyed by two Pirate A-Wings. However those A-Wings soon met the same fate as the Pirate Y-Wings. The Pirate Nebulon-B Frigate Scorpion was silently watching the battle, however Gold Squadron headed toward the frigate. Soon after the defeat of the Pirate A-Wings, 4 Pirate X-Wings hypered into the area, targeting the Rebel Corvettes. Those X-Wings unleashed a volley of Proton Torpedoes at the Corvettes, but were not able to destroy them. At the mid point of the battle, 3 Assault Gunboats hypered into the area, quite some distance away.

    In the end, the Rebels were able to destroy the Pirate X-Wings, with their own X-Wings. Meanwhile, the Rebel Y-Wings had reached the Pirate frigate and were attacking it. The Pirates launched two A-Wings in their own defence, but amazingly the Nebulon-B Frigate did not fire a single shot at the Rebels. The Rebel X-Wings came to assist, since by then the Pirates had launched two Stormtrooper Transports from the frigate. Those transports targeted the Rebel convoy ships, but before they could cause any losses to the convoy, the transports were destroyed. The Pirate Nebulon-B Frigate and the two Pirate A-Wings soon followed. However, the Pirate A-Wings were able to destroy one of the Rebel Y-Wings.

    With the Pirate threat gone the Rebels turned their attention towards the 3 Assault Gunboats that had hypered into the system earlier. The Rebels were unfortunately able to destroy the Assault Gunboats. The ISD Darkstar dropped out of hyperspace after the Rebel convoy had safely hypered out of the area. With the convoy safely away and more Imperial fighters on their way to engage the remaining Rebel fighters, the Rebel fighters followed suit and hypered out of the area.