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Aramand System Cruiser III
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Name/Model# : Aramand System Cruiser III
Designer/Manufacturer : Aramand [Exact entity is unknown]
Combat Designation : Light Defensive Ship
Scale : Capital
Length : 140 Metres
Skill : Capital ship piloting: Aramand Cruiser
Crew Skill : Capital starship gunnery 3D, capital starship piloting 4D, capital starship shields 4D and sensors 3D+2
Crew : 19  Crew 15 + Gunners 4
Skeleton Crew : 7 (+5 DIFFICULTY)
Cost of Vessel : Most likely not available for sale
Nav Computer : Limited to Aramand Cluster Systems
Sublight Speed : 6 Space Units
Hyperdrive Rating : Class 1
Hyperdrive Backup : Class 15
Atmospheric Speed : 950 kph (WEG=330)
Manoeuvrability : 2D
Cargo Capacity : 250 Metric Tons
Consumables : 1 Month
Weapons : 4 Turreted Laser Cannons
Crew: 1 Gunner per cannon
Fire Control: 1D+2
Space Range: 3-15/35/75 Space Units
Atmospheric Range: 300 metres-1.5 km/3.5 km/7.5 km
Damage: 3D+1
Sensors : Passive : 30 Space Units/1D
Scan : 60 Space Units/1D+1
Search : 100 Space Units/1D+2
Focus : 3 Space Units/2D+2
Shields/Hull Rating : Shields 2D+1. Hull 3D
Starfighter Squadrons : ?
Troop Capacity : 10 Troops
Support Craft : ?


    The Aramand System Cruiser III is designed as both a customs cruiser and a light defence ship; employing technology acquired through contacts with the Old Republic and the Empire. Constructed in the Aramand System, it is the standard vessel that serves with the Taler Forces, as well as the four other star systems composing the Aramand Cluster. Although, the System Cruiser III features an enhanced hyperdrive for rapid response times, it requires high maintenance. Furthermore, the ship's nav computer can only calculate destinations within the Aramand Cluster. This design was in service at least a few weeks after the Battle of Yavin.

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