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8880 Limousine
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Name/Model# : 8880 Limousine
Designer/Manufacturer : Ubrikkian Transports
Combat Designation : Limousine Landspeeder
Scale : Speeder
Length : 7.6 Metres
Skill : Repulsorlift operation: landspeeder
Crew Skill : Unknown
Crew : 1 Crew
Troops : 7 Passengers
Cost of Vehicle : 65,000 Credits
Vehicle Speed : 2 OR LESS OCCUPANTS 400 kph (WEG=140) WHEN FULL 250 (WEG=85)
Altitude Range : 1 to 2 metres from Ground Level
Manoeuvrability : 2D
Cargo Capacity : 200 kg
Weapons :


Cover of Vehicle : 1/2 for crew, Full for passengers
Shields/Body Strength : Shields None. Body Strength 3D


    The 8880 Limousine is designed to be a secure vehicle for the wealthy and important. These speeders also see use by the Empire, such as the Imperial Security Bureau to move important visiting officials and dignitaries. This well armoured pleasure craft comes complete with an enclosed passenger compartment with a pair of large, comfortable benches. When not fully loaded down with passengers, the 8880 is respectively swift and capable of escaping difficult situations fast.

Sources: SN***Pg 25